Scanning Electron Microscopes

Hitachi S-4300 Features

Filament Type: Cold-cathode field emission

Detectors: SE/BSE/EBSD

Image Resolution: Secondary Electron = 1.5 nm

Specimen Stage: Motion range = 50 x 100 mm

Tilt angle = + 5° to + 60°

Rotation = 360° (continuous)

Max Specimen Size: 19—102 mm (height x dia)

Oxford HKL Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) system for crystal texture analysis and orientation image


Ideal for: high resolution imaging, crystal orientation, Z-contrast imaging


FEI Quanta 250 Features

Filament Type: field emission


Image Resolution: Secondary Electron = 1.0 nm

Specimen Stage: X-Y 50 mm

Tilt angle = + 15° to + 75°

Rotation = 360° (continuous)

Max Specimen Size: 19—102 mm (height x dia)

Low vacuum capability for environmental SEM

Peltier cooling stage for low temperatures work / heating stage up to 800°C

Solution injection needle


Ideal for: high resolution imaging, EDX, biological samples, temperature variation


Zeiss EVO MA 10 Features

Filament Type: Tungsten

Detectors: SE/VPSE (environmental)/BSE/EDX

Image Resolution: Secondary Electron = 1.9 nm

Specimen Stage: 5-axis motorized stage 80 x 100 x 35mm (translation XYZ)

Tilt angle = + 10° to + 90°

Rotation = 360° (continuous)

Specimen Size: 100 mm x 200 mm (Height x Diameter), max weight 500g


Ideal for: elemental analysis and mapping, biological samples, large samples, fracture analysis, Z-contrast imaging