Thermo Scientific HeliScan Mk2 Features

From Thermo Scientific:

The most versatile micro computed-tomography (microCT) solution for quantitative analysis.

HeliScan™ pioneers a new generation of microCT technology for a variety of research applications: unique helical scanning and iterative reconstruction technology produce unsurpassed image fidelity and deliver the highest signal to noise ratio compared to traditional circular scanning technology.

The unique benefits of Heliscan include:

Capture high-fidelity images from tall samples by using a single continuous scan to completely eliminate artifacts common to multi-scan stitching methods

Detect the contours of your sample in the initial scan using a novel auto envelope workflow technique. No other microCT system features such a capability. 

Prevent well-known motion deformation from taking effect with an advanced artifacts correction technique to flatten the helical trajectory.

Full specifications:

X-ray source  20-160 kV, power = 8W
X-ray detector  3072 x 3072 pixels, 16 bit, flat plane
Spatial resolution  800 nm (400 nm with LaB6 source)
Sample diameter  Up to 240 mm
Load capacity  15 kg
Sample stage


 Source – Stage: 400 mm

 Source – Detector: 750 mm

 Z-range: 195 mm

 R-range: 360° continuous