User Fees

Pricelist – FY 2021 (effective July 1, 2020)

The following hourly rates apply to regular business hours (8am – 5pm weekdays):

Instrument Name -> Talos F200X Helios Nanolab Quanta 250 S-4300  K-Alpha Xeuss 2.0 Prep' Eqpt Type A1 Prep' Eqpt Type B1
Instrument Type -> TEM FIB-SEM E-SEM SEM XPS SAXS sample preparation sample preparation
User Category                
Academic/government (unassisted $60 $60 $45 $30 $36 $18 $20 $10
Academic/government (assisted) $115 $115 $85 $70 $76 $58 $20+staff time $10+staff time
University of Kentucky (after hours/auto2) $40 $40 $30 $20 $24 $12 n/a n/a
For-profit business (unassisted) $250 $250 $125 $75 $175 $35 $40 $20
For-profit business (assisted) $335 $335 $210 $160 $260 $120 $40+staff time $20+staff time
For-profit business (auto) $80 $80 $60 $40 $72 $36 n/a n/a
  Academic Industry
EMC staff labor/hr (sample preparation, reports) $40 $85

Cancellation Policy
48 hours notice must be given to avoid any charges.
Less than 48 hours notice and someone fills your time, there is a two hour charge.
Less than 48 hours notice and no one fills your time, you are charged for your reserved time.

External Users
Users outside the University of Kentucky are encouraged to utilize our Center. EMC staff will provide training for external users, and/or will provide electron microscopy services by performing the characterization work and, if necessary, specimen preparation. See the pricing chart for outside users. In some cases outside users are required to bring a valid PO number in advance for the amount of time they have scheduled. In such cases it is best to fax the entire PO to Dali Qian in advance using the fax number 859-323-1929. Contact us to see if you are one of these. Typically, external users are not allowed to access the instruments unattended after normal working hours. Normally the information required on your arrival will be:

  • Account Number
  • Address where invoice is to be sent
  • Contact person in your business office who will handle this invoice
  • Your own contact information

For industrial users who require confidentiality and intellectual property agreements, please contact the EMC regarding this need.
For external users who accumulate $30,000 in billed charges, additional work will be charged at 50% of the standard rate thereafter (for all instruments and services).

Late Payment
 A 10% charge will be added to all accounts more than 60 days past due.

After hours
For after-hours & weekend use by experienced University of Kentucky operators only, the (unassisted) hourly rates for UK internal use will be lowered by 1/3 (33.3%) for all instruments. After-hours & weekend access is also possible for non UK users; please contact the EMC staff for details.

1Sample preparation equipment
There are separate categories of specimen preparation equipment:
Type A: EM AFS2 will be charged at the rates indicated in the table on a "per day" basis; EM ICE and Vitrobot will be charged on a "per hour" basis.
Type B: critical point dryer and Leica sputter coater will be charged at the rates indicated in the table on a "per run" basis; metallography (low speed precision saw, grinder/polisher, compound microscope, etc.) will be charged on a "per hour" basis. 

2Automated sessions
Automated session time (i.e. unattended and/or extended operation) will be billed at a reduced rate: academic and government users will be charged a rate equal to the after-hours rate for that instrument; charges for unattended long-runs will be capped at 5 hrs (overnight) or 10 hrs (weekend).
For-profit business rate will be twice the UK after-hours rate for SEM/TEM, and three times the UK after-hours rate for XPS/SAXS; unattended charges capped as above

To facilitate training, a fixed number of user hours will be billed at the unassisted rate for each instrument (TBD by EMC). Re-training after a long period of user inactivity will be charged at the assisted rate.