The Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) is a multi-user shared equipment center that serves the entire university community and industries locally and nationwide.

During a typical year over 100 different customers are served, providing services for over $20 million in grant funds. The Electron Microscopy Center is part of the University of Kentucky College of Engineering and is located in the basement of the ASTeCC Building.

For Companies and External Users

Training and assistance on the Electron Microscopy Center’s equipment is also available to commercial businesses and other external users (governmental organizations, other Universities…).

Future Capabilities

If you would like to collaborate on new equipment acquisition for future needs, contact the EMC administration.




Highlights & News

Biomedical Research Day
Azin Akbari presented the EMC during Biomedical Research Day.

Critical Point Dryer
The EMC now offers access to the Leica EM CPD300 for drying of delicate specimens.

Helios Nanolab 660
The EMC now offers access and training to a top-of-the-art FIB/SEM, the FEI Helios Nanolab 660.

National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure
NNCI is a network of open nanotechnology laboratory user facilities, supported by the National Science Foundation. It is the successor to NNIN.