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Small-Angle X-ray Scattering

Xenocs Xeuss 2.0

Xenocs Xeuss 2.0 SAXS/WAXS System

Small angle X-ray scattering system designed to study materials structure at the nano and meso scale through X-ray scattering.

  • Cu X-ray source provides collimated X-ray beam for sample study
  • PILATUS3 DECTRIS detector provides high quality 2-D scattering plots with variable sample to detector distances to probe different sample length scales
  • A variety of sample holders allow for grazing incidence or reflection geometries
  • Wide variety of stage options including powders/gel holders, capillary holders, grazing incidence stage, flow cell, and heating stage.
  • Simultaneous WAXS and SAXS acquisitions allow for probing multiple length scales in a single experiment